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My name is Lucy Calvert and I'm a Devon-born artist living and working in London.  

My practice is based on the link between urban areas and the non-metropolitan (the rural). I believe that this relationship is defined by four key factors: 

  • The non-metropolitan provides a space for escape.

  • The non-metropolitan is based on themes of the past rooted in pastoral themes.

  • The agency of ownership of the non-metropolitan goes beyond those that live there, instead there is a sense of ownership across the mass population. As a result, the image of the non-metropolitan has begun to transcend into national identity. 

  • The non-metropolitan is considered a place of purity and simplicity in comparison to its urban counterpart.

I pull upon my experiences living in the non-metropolitan and as well as cultural research to provide work that showcases how these factors have worked their way into our everyday life. Examples of this include Tesco's "fake farms" that were marketed to imply local produce but ended up being nothing more than a quaint name slapped on to the same intensively farmed and morally ambiguous products Tesco has always provided. Thus giving an ample example of how even just the concept of rural life can be appropriated and used help take people minds away from their urban-focused lives, and therefore helping reinforce the idyllic image of "simple rural England".


I convey these themes to my audience by subverting the concepts mentioned above.  Using sculpture, language and humour, I first aim to pull viewers in via their own preconceptions of rural-life. Then using jarring language, mocking humour, and participatory elements, I created push that aims to lead to a realisation of the concepts my work is based on.


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